Cokesbury Kids ministry loves to partner with you as we love children into a relationship with Jesus.  Our ministry is designed to honor God’s plan for sharing our faith from one generation to the next.  We love the time that we are privileged to share with them, but recognize that we support you.  

Click here for information about KidCheck, our children's check-in system.

Cokesbury Kids welcomes children 6 weeks - 4th grade and provides care and learning opportunities to maximize the way our children learn best at each stage of development, helping them to see who they are in God’s eyes.

Our Childcare ministry staff considers it a privilege to care for your child from 6 weeks - up until they begin our preschool program. Providing a safe, secure, and welcoming space helps our little ones build a foundation of trust.  Each stage lets them know that they are special as they begin to explore and discover their world.

Saturdays & Sundays -  during all worship services

Wednesdays -  available for parents/guardians participating in discipleship groups or serving in ministry. Please register your child here for Wednesday nights - September through April.

Preschoolers are full of curiosity and are discovering that they can make choices - we want to guide them to understand that they can make choices that honor God and others. Because they learn best through play, our time with them incorporates play into the Bible story and hands-on activities. Consistency and structure helps them feel at ease, so their ministry is classroom-based.

Sundays - during all worship times

Wednesdays - 6:30 pm in the South Campus children’s spaces. Preschool children will meet heroes of the Bible. Please register your child here for Wednesday nights - September through April.

Elementary children have tender hearts that are ready and open to knowing God.  They are ready to understand that the Bible is one story of God’s relationship with his people and that they are part of that story.  Children learn by observing and are influenced by others.  Our ministry is designed to allow them to participate in worship with their faith community and then build relationships in small groups with loving adults during their learning time.

Saturdays & Sundays - during all worship times

Wednesdays - 6:30 pm in the South Campus children’s spaces. Our first EXPLORE investigation for elementary children is 'Where does God like to hang out?' Register now for short term EXPLORE topics, September through April. 

Kids Questions
Cokesbury Kids | (865) 246-0436 

Diane Baylor | Director
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Beth DeFur | Assistant Director - Childcare/Preschool
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Lauren Ellsworth | Assistant Director - Elementary
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Kids Safe Space

Being a part of your child’s faith journey creates an imperative that we provide a safe place.  Our ministry is shaped by:

  • Safe Sanctuaries safety plan that all staff and volunteers review and understand

  • Background check requirement for all adults who serve

  • KidCheck kiosks that provide us with security tags and contact information; watch for ministry updates via email

Kids Serve 

We love to hear from you!  Our ministry is built around serving teams and we always have a place for you!

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