What We Believe

Our Mission

Loving people into a relationship with Jesus to change the world


Salvation Principle
We believe in the creator God, the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ as the clear focus of our faith and salvation.

Biblical Principle
The Bible is the story of God’s love for humanity. It is the story of what God did, what God is doing and what God will do in the future. These timeless truths are the primary source for what we believe and what we do.

Mission Principle
We believe that all people matter to God and therefore matter to us. Persons outside the church are among God’s highest priority.

Priesthood of All Believers Principle
We believe that it is the responsibility of every believer to discover and use the spiritual gifts and passions given by God for ministry. We believe that disciples should be in loving service to others.

Community Principle
We believe that God designed us to be in community with him, with other Christians, and with the world. 

Worship Principle
We believe that active participation in the corporate worship of God is foundational to our spiritual health.

Membership Principle
We believe in the diligent support of the church through our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. Membership makes a difference in how we live. 

  1. When you get Jesus, you give Jesus
  2. Saved people serve people and served people get saved
  3. You can't outgive God
  4. Everybody has a Next Step