KidCheck is a secure children’s check-in system that allows Cokesbury Church to provide a safe, simple, and quick check-in and check-out process for our Cokesbury Kids ministry. Each family will need to create an account to use to check-in their children. Once you have created your account, you can add your children’s information and any pertinent medical/allergy alerts, as well as designate authorized guardians (such as spouse/significant other, grandparents, friends...) for your children. You can create your account from the comfort of your own home. It is simple and will only take a few minutes.

If you would like assistance creating your account, we are happy to assist you. Please arrive early, prior to the service you plan to attend, to allow time for the account creation process.

Account Creation Instructions:  
  • Go to
  • Find the “Create Your Kidcheck Account” tab toward the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter your email address and cell phone number (the system will verify that you do not already have an account)
  • If no account is found, click “Continue to New Account Registration.”
  • Fill in the requested fields and create your password. (You are required to provide cell phone carrier to be able to receive text message notifications while your child is in our care, should you be needed.)
  • Choose “Cokesbury United Methodist Church (Knoxville, TN)” as the organization that referred you.
  • Click “Register”.
  • Agree to the license agreement.
Your account is now set up, but not yet complete.

You will need to add more information (your children, other guardians, your address, additional phone numbers or (if you choose) upload photos). Should any information need updating in the future (ex. your family address changes, you need to add another child to your account, medical information, etc.) you are able to do so at your convenience by logging into your account.

To complete your account so that you are ready for Cokesbury Kids ministry check-in:

Click on the “Kids” tab.
This is where you will input your children’s information. Please put important information such as medical/allergy alerts (any medical/allergy alerts that you add will show up on the child’s nametag). Select “Save Changes” after adding each child.

Click on the “Guardians” tab.

  • This is where you will input additional guardians. (You do not need to add yourself as a guardian, but will want to add a spouse, significant other, grandparents, or trusted friends – any other adults you trust to pick up your children from a Cokesbury Kids Ministry activity.) Remember to “Save Changes” when you are done adding guardians.
  • If there are individuals you do not authorize to pick up your children you can indicate those individuals in this section as well.
  • Please include cell phone numbers for each authorized guardian for safety purposes. Your children's name tags will automatically print the phone number of the guardian who has checked them into our care. This is a safety feature which allows us to save time when needing to contact the appropriate guardian should there be an immediate need.

Why can’t we just use the same phone number to check-in our children?
For example: you have only added your cell phone number and your spouse or other authorized guardians use your cell phone number to check-in your children. However one day you are unable to attend, but your children have been checked-in by an approved guardian using your cell phone number. Your child needs immediate attention. Our childcare team will contact the phone number on the child’s nametag, and in this scenario, the available guardian in the building cannot be easily contacted because their cell phone number has not been provided during check-in.

Your account is now complete!

When you check in at Cokesbury for the first time, type your 10-digit phone number onto the check-in screen, and your account will appear. Remember to keep your information up-to-date. You can easily make changes to your account at any time by signing into your account at